Laying off Skilled Employees? 10 Tips How to Let Them Go With Empathy

American layoffs are at a 20-year low. That’s the title of an article published by Vox on April 9, 2019. One year later, we’re seeing a different number. According to James Bullard, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, the potential unemployment rate in the US, stemming from the current corona… Read More »

Airbnb vs Uber Layoffs: How to Let Employees Go the Right Way

Airbnb is letting 1,900 employees go due to the coronavirus. That’s a quarter of their entire workforce. Company’s CEO Brian Chesky sent an email to their employees delivering the bad news last week. And it’s a masterclass in corporate empathy. It provides a great example that even firing employees can be done in a right… Read More »

10 Little Known but Essential Facts You Should Know Before a Job Hunt

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3 Telltale Signs Your Job Search Isn’t Working

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These 100+ Resources Will Tell You Everything You Need to Get Hired Fast

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3 Tips to Stand Out in the Job Market During COVID-19

With all of the uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, the job market is getting crowded, and it might keep getting more and more crowded. In this kind of environment, you absolutely need your resume to stand out. I recently spoke to Andrew Seaman, a writer on the #GetHired blog on LinkedIn, about how job seekers… Read More »

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10 Tips For Effectively Using Professional References

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3 Tips for Writing a Winning Resume During a Tough Economic Time

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Salary Negotiation for Your First Job

Click to access our Top 5 Resume Tips for New Professionals! Less than 40% of job candidates negotiate their salary. Why? People often feel uncomfortable with the process or do not want to give off the impression of feeling pushy or greedy to a potential new employer. Break through this stigma by following these four… Read More »