5 Must-Haves for Your Resume

As a Certified Professional Resume Writer, I get a lot of questions from clients regarding what to include and what not include on their new resume. Here is the thing—if you haven’t written a resume for 15 or 20 years, then things have changed and what you need to have on your document today may… Read More »

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Resume Writing Service

You’ve written your resume. You’ve sent it out and not heard anything back. You’ve rewritten your resume, and sent it out yet again. Still nothing. Writing resumes is a chore, and you are short on time and really want a new career opportunity. So now, you’re thinking you need to call in the services of… Read More »

The Price of Your Work: Here’s How Much Labor Costs Around the World

Have you ever wondered what’s the cost of your own work? Labor costs around the world vary and the differences are quite extensive. In economic lingo, it’s called total labor cost — the total expenditure borne by employers for employing staff.  Besides the salary, it includes bonuses and other non-wage costs of employment. This means… Read More »

5 Common Resume Mistakes

As someone who has written resumes for clients since 2008, I like to think that I have seen it all. From someone putting their marriage status and number of kids on a resume to listing your graduation date of 1975, there are some things that USED to be acceptable on a resume that no longer… Read More »

Following-Up After a Job Interview

So, you have had a terrific job interview and you REALLY want the job. But, you want to make sure that you don’t appear desperate or annoying as you follow-up on the job opportunity. However, it is VERY important that you continue to maintain contact with the organization and let the company know that you… Read More »

[Infographic] Beyond the Job Board -Networking For Executive Career Success

Do you believe job boards are the only way to job search today? I know many job seekers who believe LinkedIn and Indeed are the only ways to job search right now. As much as I love LinkedIn, that simply isn’t true. (Sorry, LinkedIn) 😳 Tapping into the hidden job market and more specifically using… Read More »

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Professional Resume Writer

When you’re investing your money in anything—a house, a car, a carpenter, even a night out for dinner—you do a little bit of research. You check restaurant reviews, look at the Kelley Blue Book, do an inspection and read a Realtor’s reviews. It’s your hard-earned money, and you want to know you’re going to be… Read More »

10 Manager Resume Samples That Got People Hired at Amazon, Dell or Samsung

Your career in management requires your resume to stand out from all the rest. It needs to look fresh. Sound cool. Feel confident. And, last but not least, leave a lasting impression. Erm… bunch of things that seem a bit out of your reach, right?  It’s not really that difficult, though — especially when someone’s… Read More »

Tips for Beating Interview Anxiety

There’s nothing like an interview to throw an otherwise calm and collected individual off their game. Being interrogated by someone who holds the power to either give you a job or send you home empty-handed can be intimidating. And, of course, when a person is intimidated, they typically underperform. Cognition can be confusing, jitters can… Read More »

How Executives Can Write a Great Cover Letter

A great cover letter can make the difference in getting a potential employer or recruiter to pay attention to your job application and resume. At the executive level, when you are competing with others who likely also have impressive work histories and plentiful accomplishments, a cover letter needs to intrigue a potential employer so that… Read More »