These Resume Mistakes Are Sabotaging Your Job Search — How to Avoid Them?

As they say, to err is human. But do the employers tolerate resume mistakes? Long story short — no, they don’t. Short story long — most of them are pretty merciless about it. In fact, about 70% of employers say that even minor details like missing contact information or an unprofessional email address are enough… Read More »

Common Resume Questions Answered: How Do I Write a Career Summary for My Resume?

A career summary shouldn’t actually be a summary in the traditional sense of the word at all. You want to get attention with quantifiable accomplishments and relevant hard skills—not bore a hiring manager with the exact same information about years of experience they’re about to see on your resume. Hiring managers and recruiters want to… Read More »

Common Resume Questions Answered: Which Resume Format Is Best?

There are two primary resume formats—chronological and functional. A chronological resume is exactly what it sounds like—a resume organized by date. A functional resume is instead organized by skills or major accomplishments/career highlights. Often, functional resumes are used by people who want to minimize gaps in their careers—whether it’s because they were laid off, had… Read More »

Common Resume Questions Answered: How Long Should My Resume Be?

There’s a common myth about resume length. Specifically, that you should limit it to just one page. This is nothing more than a myth—in fact, employers prefer to see resumes that are two pages long! ResumeGo did a study on this very topic and found that recruiters were 2.3 times as likely to hire someone… Read More »

Job Interview A to Z: How to Charm Your Way Into a New Job

A job interview is a lot like a date. You know there will be questions, you change your clothes four times before you find the right combination, you want to make a great first impression. There’s a mix of euphoria, anxiety and a thousand “what ifs.” You meet a stranger. And it works best when… Read More »

How to Add Your Resume to LinkedIn in 2020? (Super Easy, with Pictures)

How do you add your resume to your LinkedIn profile? There are several ways, depending the reasons you have for doing it. And thinking about those reasons is where you should begin.  Why exactly do you want to upload your resume to LinkedIn? Do you want to upload it to your profile to share it… Read More »

Your Story in 30 Seconds | The Importance of a Concise Resume

How many times have you heard that you need to make your resume stand out? It is easy to be tempted to put your whole past in your resume. You just need to make sure you are covering your basis, right? However, that’s the opposite of what you want to do. On average, an employer… Read More »

What to Do Before You Network?

We all know that networking is a very essential component of job hunting as it increases the chance of success of your job search. In this article, I would like to share certain steps that must be taken before you begin networking. These steps are important as they allow you to put an effective strategy… Read More »

Best Friends Aboard SpaceX Dragon: Resumes of Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken

In the afternoon of May 30th, Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken will become the first astronauts to launch from US soil since the retirement of the space shuttle in 2011. That is, if everything goes well, as this is already their second attempt. The first attempt had to be cancelled due to unfavorable weather conditions… Read More »

5 Tips for Updating Your Resume During COVID-19

The past few months have been challenging for most employees and workplaces. In fact, the unemployment rate has skyrocketed and many people are on unemployment while they wait to see if and when their jobs will be back to “normal.” This is a time—whether or not you have lost your job or are still working—when… Read More »