How to Hire an Executive Resume Writer

When it comes to hiring an executive resume writer, you need to be sure of two things: First, that they’re legitimate and talented. Second, that he or she is an executive resume writer that you not only want to work with—but that you will be able to work well with. How do you find and… Read More »

An Easy, Step-by-Step Elevator Pitch Template with Examples

An elevator pitch, positioning statement, or elevator speech is a very concise statement that shares who are you, what you do, industries you serve, and how you add value or contribute. You want to prepare your statement in advance and memorize it so that when you share it you do so with confidence. Elevator pitches… Read More »

How Much Should You Pay for an Executive Resume Writer?

It’s only natural—and smart—to want to know how much you should expect to pay for something ahead of time.  Whether it’s car shopping, appliance shopping, buying plane tickets, or house hunting—you have a budget; and you want to research prices. Paying for a professional service like an executive resume writing service is no different. If… Read More »

Minimalistic vs Creative Resume Design: Which One to Use?

Sure, creative resume designs are appealing. They’re full of colors, icons and other visual elements. After all, visually appealing career documents have a specific purpose — to make hiring managers pay closer attention to your resume. They can also help you stand out from the crowd of the 1,000 people that applied for the job. On the… Read More »

Want to Be a Digital Nomad and Work from Bali? Here’s a Quick Guide

You’ve been freelancing for a while. At first, it was a great fun. You’ve made a couple of new friends and a fairly decent amount of money. But then something happened. You got tired of your city and your lifestyle. Or you started to feel miserable about your day job and realised you hate a… Read More »

Improve Your Executive Resume Format to Increase Executive Job Search Success

When it comes time to write a resume, most people are 110% focused on the content. It’s fine to be focused on the content; you need to be—you need strong, persuasive writing that tells an employer your qualifications and why they need to hire you. But if you focus so much on just the content… Read More »

How to Get References for Your Resume? (+Email Example)

Getting in touch with your former employers and asking for resume references requires stamina. But skipping this unique chance to get a professional endorsement is like shooting yourself in the foot. Hiring managers are not naive. They are merciless fact-checkers that are trained to smell a lie from afar. They will do everything to clear… Read More »

How to Create an Automotive Resume That Wins the Job Race [+Resume Examples]

Auto industry offers a wide range of exciting, high-quality and good-paying jobs. Furthermore, they often come with the possibility to advance into management and even ownership positions in the company. From financial analysts to graphic designers, IT engineers and marketing experts — the automotive sector is rife with opportunities for everyone. So if you’re all into… Read More »

The 7 Mistakes People Make When Writing an Executive Resume

Plus… 20 Tips for Writing a Resume that Gets Noticed Have you recently realized that the job search process is nothing like what it used to be? Are you worried that it will take a lot more effort to stand out now, despite having years of top-level experience under your belt? If you’re eager to… Read More »

CV vs Resume: Is There Even a Difference? [+Examples]

Although these two career documents are both used as part of job applications, they’re not interchangeable. Differences between a resume and a CV are many. And anyone hoping to score a new job should be able to tell them apart. The first thing you need to realise is that resumes revolve around your competencies. These… Read More »