Best Friends Aboard SpaceX Dragon: Resumes of Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken

In the afternoon of May 30th, Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken will become the first astronauts to launch from US soil since the retirement of the space shuttle in 2011.

That is, if everything goes well, as this is already their second attempt. The first attempt had to be cancelled due to unfavorable weather conditions a few days ago.

But despite that bit of bad luck, it’s easy to feel jealous of these guys. Not only are they about to make history, they’re also going to do it together as best friends.

“Being lucky enough to fly with your best friend… I think there’s a lot of people who wish they could do that,” he says (BBC).

What’s more, when they blast off, their wives, Karen Nyberg and Megan McArthur, will know exactly what they’re going through. Because they’re astronauts too. 

Hurley, Behnken, Nyberg and McArthur, all graduated from the same astronaut class (2000) and attended each other’s weddings. Hurley and Behnken are so used to each other they can predict what the person’s opinion might be or what they’re going to do next.

Just take a look at their resumes below. In many ways, they’re similar, despite the fact that Hurley is supposedly the more organized of the two. Can you spot all similarities? Let us know in the comments!

Resume of Douglas Hurley (SpaceX Dragon Astronaut)

Douglas Hurley SpaceX Astronaut Resume

Resume of Robert Behnken (SpaceX Dragon Astronaut)

Roberg Behnken SpaceX Astronaut Resume

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